NOUS High IQ Society

Noetic Original Unconventional Society

Membership in NOUS High IQ Society can be established by providing evidence of an Intelligent Quotient at or above the 99.999995th percentile: IQ 180 sd15 (Wechsler scale) or IQ 185 sd16 (Stanford-Binet scale).

NOUS High IQ Society has two different types of membership:

1.Prospective Member (IQ 172 sd15 or higher on an accepted IQ test using any of the official norms)

2.Full Member (IQ 180 sd15 or higher on an accepted IQ test using any of the official norms)

NOUS is the sixth member society of GENIUS umbrella organization. GENIUS is a high IQ network established in 2014 by Iakovos Koukas (WGD 2015 Genius Of The Year - Europe). Its name arises from the acronym Global Evolving Network for an Intellectually Upgraded Society and it is formed with the purpose of supporting the advancement of the global high IQ community and the communication between the members of the participant high IQ societies. It is constituted by six high IQ societies:

The High Intellect Society (THIS High IQ Society)

Global Genius Generation Group (4G High IQ Society)

Borderless Revolutionary Advanced Intellectual Network (BRAIN High IQ Society)

Exclusive Leading Institute for Thinkers' Evolution (ELITE High IQ Society)

Network for Nous, Noesis, Noema, Noology and Novelty (6N High IQ Society)

Noetic Original Unconventional Society (NOUS High IQ Society)

The currently accepted tests for joining NOUS High IQ Society are:

Unsupervised Tests

All normed IQ tests designed by:

Theodosis Prousalis

Iakovos Koukas

Mislav Predavec

Nikolaos Soulios

Paul Cooijmans

Dr Jason Betts

Robert Lato

Ivan Ivec

Supervised Tests

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (SBIS)

Culture Fair Intelligence Test (CFIT)

Important note:

Any IQ test or test author except the above-mentioned will not be accepted.

Any IQ score below IQ 180 sd15 will not be accepted for the full membership.

Any online IQ test with automated scoring will not be accepted for admission.

Any membership in other high IQ societies will not be accepted for admission.